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Smart Bee Box

Smart Bee Box


China No.1 Best Selling Brand
Selection of listed companies

Developing driven by Customer Feedback

Little Updates Every 2 Weeks

Update Funtions Every Month

OTA Update

Support Docking with the ERP system

Innovative R&D Team

Self-developed Software,

R&D Accounts for 50%

of the Company's Personnel,

Product obtained Multiple Certifications

Strength in Technology
Tsinghua-Huawei R&D Team

Strength in Intellectual Properties

2 National Patent for Invention

5 Utility Model Patent Certificate

19 Computer Software Copyright Certificate

Strength in Branding

Coorparation Support

Strict regulation protects the interest of our partners
Sales Support

Professional sales team assists partners to close a deal with client

After-sale service Support

Professional after-sales team provides service support

Marketing Support

Offers professional marketing support for regional partners

Product Traning Support

Regularly provide product training to partners

Technical Support

Experts with over 30 years of experience in the machining industry provide solution consulting support

Publicity Material Support

Offers all sorts of material in marketing and sales

Entry Requirements for Partners

Abide by the law and regulation

Comply with local laws and regulations,
have no history of delinquency.


Engaged in the machining industry for sevral years

Service Commitment

Promptly respond and serve customers well

Cooperate with regulation

Jointly build a good market ecological environment

Cooperation Procedure

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