Smart Bee Box

Smart Bee Box

Our Clients

LG Electronics Co., Ltd

LG Electronics is a global leader and technology innovator in the fields of consumer electronics, mobile communication products and household appliances.

Customer Pain Points

Distributing cutting tools can be time-consuming. To adhere to production schedules, employees often have to rush to the warehouse for tool registration. Administrators review data daily, expending significant effort on analyzing the inflow and outflow of numerous tools.

Smart Bee Solution

Positioning the SBB next to the production line allows employees to efficiently collect cutting tools. The SBB system automatically logs the tool types, quantities, and recipients, generating real-time analysis reports.


The efficiency of tool retrieval by employees has been significantly enhanced. Administrators can access real-time tool inventory easily. SBB effectively reduces tool consumption.

Amphenol Kaijie Technology Co., Ltd
Customer Pain Points

Manual recording of tool collection information; absence of an evening shift administrator requires tools to be prepared in advance by the end of the day shift. Due to the high cost of many cutting tools, the administrator limits the number of tools issued to prevent waste. In emergency situations, production may halt if staff members cannot access the necessary cutting tools promptly.

Smart Bee Solution

The tool locker operates unattended 24 hours a day, allowing employees to conveniently retrieve tools. The SBB system records real-time tool borrowing and returning data, automatically tracking tool destinations to prevent tool waste.


Administrators are relieved from the tasks of preparing and distributing cutting tools for the night shift, as well as manual registration. With a single click, the system can export comprehensive tool collection information for all employees. There's no longer any concern about production disruptions caused by employees breaking their cutting tools during the night.

Amphenol Group was founded in 1932 and entered China in 1984. Amphenol implements the strategic policy of globalization and is a leading supplier in the global telecom market, mobile phone market and data exchange market.

The customer said

We have implemented distinct permissions for each department to access tools. Now, casual tool retrieval is no longer possible.

—— Director of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Co., Ltd

Can you provide me with backend reminders to restock any cutting tool models that are currently out of stock.

—— Shanghai Hanzhong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. - Procurement

It's super easy to use, just a few clicks and I've got a cost analysis.

—— Guangdong Liyuanheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. - Operator

I've researched several companies and discovered that your tool cabinet excels both in sales and appearance.

—— Meimingge Ailuo (Taicang) Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. - Procurement

After you demonstrated the operational procedures, I found that retrieving, returning, and stowing the tools is straightforward and highly practical.

—— Li Wen Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. - Mr. Ni

I conducted some online research and discovered that your expertise in crafting tool cabinets is impressive, and your team is highly skilled as well.

—— Changji Electric Branch of Xinjiang TBEA Group Co., Ltd. - Procurement

The ability to register information and input data on my behalf has saved me a significant amount of trouble.

—— Wuxi Parker New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. - Warehouse Keeper

I have operated it myself and have found it to be easy and convenient to take and return tools. I believe that my fellows will also quickly adapt to it.

—— Dongguan Xugao Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd. - President Wang